Our Oceans. 4 Billion Years of Evolution.

In the entirety of the universe, we have yet to discover an older or more diverse source of life.  Sirenas' mission is to unlock this remarkable resource for the next generation of human health products, sustainably.

Our Story

Over the last decade and working with experts and local communities, Sirenas has sustainably and ethically built one of the largest and most unique collections of marine organisms and plants from diverse ecosystems and geographies. From the deep sea to coral reefs and estuaries. 

We’ve run these samples through cutting edge and proprietary chemical extraction and analytics, and tested each one in over 70 in-vitro biological assays relevant to human health.

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Our Technology

The Global Leader in the Discovery of Natural Product Chemistry for Healthcare.

Sirenas prides itself on being at the forefront of computational metabolomics for chemical discovery.  Our deep experience and historical productivity indicate that these cutting-edge tools, when applied to living systems, can generate the insights necessary to forge new classes of therapeutics and health products. 

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Product Pipeline

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What the world is buzzing about Sirenas

Sirenas Enters Into Multi-Target Collaboration With Bristol-Myers Squibb

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Sirenas receives research grant totaling $1.68M from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

To accelerate its drug discovery technology, ATLANTIS™

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Sirenas establishes world-leading Scientific Advisory Board

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