About Sirenas

A San Diego based biotech company that's leading computational metabolomics for “Natural Product” Drug Discovery

Over the last decade and working with experts and local communities, Sirenas has sustainably and ethically built one of the largest and most unique collections of marine organisms and plants from diverse ecosystems and geographies. From the deep sea to coral reefs and estuaries. 

We’ve run these samples through cutting edge and proprietary chemical extraction and analytics, and tested each one in over 70 in-vitro biological assays relevant to human health.

The result is the largest repository of information connecting the unchartered chemistry of marine organisms to applications in human health.  Our insights reveal both extracts and single compounds that modulate inflammation, pathways in cancer, infectious disease and microbiome dynamics.

We are now using these findings to help design the next generation of health products, to bring the untapped and limitless healing power of the ocean to you.



Meet the Team

Eduardo Esquenazi, PhD

Founder & CEO

Phil Baran, PhD


Jake Beverage, PharmD


Tamara Schwent


Pieter Dorrestein, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Michael Howell, PhD

Scientific Advisor

William Gerwick, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Christopher Walsh, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Benjamin Cravatt, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Where we're located

3550 General Atomics Ct
San Diego, CA 92121


The Secret Language of Life | TEDxUCSD

In this talk, CEO & Founder Eduardo Esquenazi shares the story of his cancer diagnosis as a student at UCSD, and how this transformed his dream in life. He discusses how microbiomes can help produce life-saving drugs, and how they are tied to our planet.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.