Next Generation Chemistry

Once we’ve identified promising and often novel chemical scaffolds, we rely on our highly talented chemistry team to ensure manufacturing tractability and expand the chemical space of our most exciting leads.

Informatics-Driven Discovery

Our unique approach generates massive amounts of data. We are utilizing cutting edge-instrumentation to generate accurate analytical information and modern data science approaches to store and query this information. This enables us to create a deep and multi-layered understanding of the chemical and biological diversity of our oceans that can be harnessed to generate new, impactful biomedical discoveries.

Unlocking our Planet’s Secrets

Chemical diversity from marine and other unexplored environments represents a vast, untapped source of raw inspiration for a new generation of therapeutics, especially in disease areas that have had limited or no successful drugs. Utilizing modern technological advances in analytical chemistry, informatics and organic synthesis, Sirenas is breaking new ground in making this rich resource a viable option for drug discovery and development.

Marine-Inspired Antibody-Drug Conjugates

We have an internal discovery program focused on the rapid generation of novel, differentiated antibody drug conjugate payloads inspired by marine chemistry.

Marine Inspiration for New Therapeutics

Bringing unparalleled chemical diversity into areas of unmet medical need with the team and tools to turn the resulting novel discoveries into viable, high-value therapeutics.

Why Oceans?

The oceans and marine environments cover over 70% of our world and average nearly two miles in depth. A recent worldwide collaboration and decade long study, the First Census of Marine Life 2010, failed to approximate the number of unknown species in the ocean. These findings support the notion that so much life remains to be discovered and that the world’s oceans represent a vast, untapped source of novel chemistry.

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An Optimized Approach

Our proprietary Discovery approach is designed to generate the best marine-inspired pre-clinical leads across a wide breath of disease including cancer, HIV and infectious disease, and overcome the challenges faced in marine drug discovery.

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